Are you one of the millions of singles seeking long-lasting love yet you’re discouraged with dating, doubting yourself, and don’t know what to do start a great relationship? If so, I want to assure you that you can experience the joy of love and the happiness that comes with sharing your life with someone special. Regardless of how many unsatisfactory dates or relationships you’ve had, you can turn your life around!

It’s never too late to have a fresh start!  If you want to:

♥  Discover how to attract the right person for you

♥  Access the #1 secret to happy relationships

♥  Have more fun dating

♥  Communicate with the opposite sex easier

♥  Increase your self-confidence

♥  Experience positive change in ALL areas of your life

(c)-Elizabeth_Golembiewski-5601-Edit-2.jpgCRoppedI can help! I help singles to have better relationships with themselves and others.

The key to changing how you date, who you attract, and the quality of your relationships is directly proportionate to your level of self-awareness.  Self-awareness means being able to see what you do, why you do it, and why to change it. When you have a trusted guide to help you gain greater self-awareness and point you in the right direction, you will change your relationship outcomes.
Millions of people ask, “Why is so hard to find the right person for me?”
The relationships you experienced asmankissingwoman a child left an indelible mark on you. If your home was filled with love and kindness, you’ll naturally be comfortable around loving and kind people. However, if your home life was chaotic, combative, and confusing, you’ll be naturally gravitate to men or women that cause chaos and confusion. A client I’ll call ‘Lauren’ had a history of failed relationships. She confided to me that as a young girl her parents argued a lot. One argument in particular made an indelible mark on her. Lauren said it happened at Christmas when she was nine years old. Her father came home late, drunk, and in no condition to join her mother for a planned holiday party. Her mother, fed up after years of disappointment, greeted him with a gun and threatened to shoot. Lauren witnessed this and pleaded with her mother not to shoot. Fortunately, her mom didn’t. But the drama and conflict in Lauren’s home left an indelible mark on her success with love and relationships. nbsp;


I believe Elizabeth was put in my life not just to find love, but to get love and encouragement. I was single, alone, and confused when I started working with Elizabeth. Now? I am engaged! I recommend Elizabeth highly to women (and men) that are committed to success in love and relationships ~ Kelli M, Austin Tx.

  You may be thinking, I can do it on my own… I can do it myself” – I just haven’t met the right person… or “I can read about how to do it.” I said “I can do it myself” when I saw a gorgeous abstract painting that I wanted for my living room. I can paint this myself I said – it’s easy. Months later with a canvas still unopened in my garage I realized that I didn’t have the discipline, skill and knowledge to create it. So the question really is, Will I do it on my own?” Do you have the discipline, skill, and knowledge to change the way you date? Have you been successful on your own in the past? Do you know how to build a healthy relationship? Or like me, will you spend months (or years) telling yourself you’re going to do something but never do it?  

Chester-Elissa-Kerrville(1)Elizabeth’s advice really worked! She helped me uncover new insights about myself, become comfortable at social events, discover where to meet men that were compatible with me.  I followed her advice and I met the love of my life! We have been enormously happy. We are now in a committed relationship that’s going on its second year! ~ Eliza, Cedar Park Tx.


The coaching sessions I had with Elizabeth were mind-blowing. She was the perfect catalyst for gaining a kind of clarity that had been missing in my life.  I find Elizabeth’s work to be highly valuable and her follow-through to be meticulous. I will consult her again! Allison P., Westlake Hills, Tx.

  “Dealing with adversity and creating positive outcomes is controlled by the choices we make” ~Apolo Ohno, Olympic Medalist                

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